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Hope in Our Future

It's refreshing […] to get this email from one of our younger members who's not only a businessman but an activist.

Tom, In light of last time's gloomy economic discussion, I wanted to pass along a few statistics from where I sit in the manufacturing world – where I believe the future potential and economic growth of our country lies:

  1. Manufacturing employs 12 million people – 10 percent of the US workforce.
  2. Manufacturers perform 50 percent of R and D in the USA.
  3. USA manufacturing accounts for 21 percent of global manufacturing. Japan is 13 percent and China 12.
  4. USA manufacturing would be the 8th largest economy in the world.
  5. The average pay in manufacturing is 71K versus the average of 57K for non manufacturing workers.
  6. USA manufacturers are twice as productive as manufacturers in the next 11 economies.
  7. Manufacturing is 12 percent of GDP and adds 1.6 trillion dollars to the US economy.
  8. Manufacturing is present in every Congressional district in the USA.

Just wanted to pass that on.
Best, Ryan.
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Ryan's missive shows the American spirit, we don't quit even in the face of long odds. This brings me to my tout of his community based efforts […] I heartedly recommend Ryan's efforts at Empowerment Nevada. This community based effort to address problems locally […] is exactly what this country needs more of. We're looking for leaders who volunteer to effectively get the job done, people with a sense of social obligation, moral obligation indeed.

I recommend contacting Ryan at 775-750-2760 or ryan@empowermentnevada.com to find out more. I for one am donating to the effort. It's more important than any political donation I will make this year; it's a donation for my grandchildren! It's a donation for the country's future.

Tom Motherway